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Like many a pregnant woman, I tried many methods to reduce my back pain, swollen ankles, to lift and support my tummy at a comfortable and supportive angle and to have a good night sleep.

A most handsome & healthy 4.5kg baby boy was born by c-section. I found feeding not as easy as I had hoped. I wish have something to support the breastfeed to reduce the pain from c-section, wrist strain, shoulder and/or neck strain back pain, mastitis and nipple pain.

After 9 months. I felt pregnant with my second child. Again I tried many methods to reduce all the pains. Finally, a beautiful and healthy 4.7kg baby girl was born by c-section. Again I experienced all the pains I have been through with my first pregnancy and breastfeeding. I wished I could find an easier and more comfortable way to feed my baby.Those experiences led me to the development of the Moonbaby Pregnancy Maternity Pillow and the Moonbaby Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow.

The Moonbaby Pregnancy Maternity Pillow is one of the best gifts a pregnant woman can get. It provides all the support you need during your pregnancy.

The Moonbaby Nursing / Breastfeeding Pillow makes your breastfeeding experience very comfortable and enjoyable. It enhances that all-important and very special emotional and physical bond between you and your baby.

Jane Findlay


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